March 2010:

Welcome to the new Alec Hartman Photography website! This site has over 200 of my photos featured, so you can get a sense of the scope of my work. (For thousands more images, you can check out my original site at

This site allows you to browse through different galleries viewing either thumbnails or full-size pictures. It features Maine images, although there are also pictures from the rest of New England, as well as from trips I made, including Newfoundland, Alaska, the Yukon Territories, a US cross-country trip, and most recently Hudson Bay, Manitoba.

All of my images, both on this website and my original site, are available to you as prints – both framed and unframed – and as note cards. If there’s anything you’re interested in, just drop me a line at . Please also feel free to let me know what you think of my site and if you have any requests or suggestions.

Thanks for visiting.

Two new updates!

The first is that you can now view a gallery on Flickr of 50 of my photos from my recent polar bear expedition to Churchill, Manitoba. I traveled there this past November to see and photograph the hundreds of polar bears in their natural habitat on the shores of Hudson Bay. Click here for the gallery!

The second is that I've updated my very outdated "Photographer's Favorites" pages. Well, not so much updated as deleted and replaced entirely. You'll notice that the "Photographer's Favorites" links at the top of each gallery page in the Nature/Miscellaneous section now redirect to my "highlights" gallery on Flickr; this is just a temporary solution until this site is back up to date again. You might also notice that the Flickr highlights gallery contains a few photos that are not on this site anywhere. That's because, for now, the photos on here only go up to January 2008 and some of the photos on the Flickr gallery are from more recent dates. However, the rest of the photos from the more recent dates have still yet to be edited and uploaded which is why they're not on here yet. Don't worry, hopefully it won't be too much longer until all those photos are on here...and on that note, keep watch for another site update that will include all my photos from February, March, April and May of 2008. Once those are up there finally won't be a two year gap between the most recent photos on here and current day! Just a 1.8-or-so year gap. So look forward to that!

- Alec